IOM Tour – Day 6

Our final day began with the usual wake up at 7:00am for the boys, the early morning walk which has had fewer and fewer people each day and then breakfast at 8:00am with again an array of foods to chose. Breakfast was followed by room check and then bank. The boys then descended on St. Thomas’ church for our final practice there, which was very good with all the boys singing well. After the practice there was an extra long free time with boys going into Douglas for one last stop at Pickwicks, a local shop near the church. Despite many boys buying more food it was time for our last lunch which was burgers and chips and then ice cream for pudding, the perfect meal for some boys. Now it was time to burn off the energy at the beach again, but this time it was to Peel beach in the west of the island. All the boys took part in a football game and some dug holes, but didn’t get to put anyone in them. After the fun at the beach the boys went to St. Matthew’s Church in Douglas where they had their final practice of the course which again was very successful in every aspect. There was then a drive back to the hotel and a quick change before tea which was chorizo with buffalo mozzarella, fish cakes or homemade soup then for main there was roast pork, ratatouille or fish pie and finally bread and butter pudding, ice cream or cheese and biscuits for dessert. After the huge three course meal the boys went to sing their final service which ended up being one of the best of the week. The readings were read by Finlay Walsh and Harry Jones and the prayers were read by Lachlan Walsh, Marshall Butler, Daniel Harper, James Cross and James Jones. Again the service was concluded with the anthem O God You Search Me which was sung very competently by Henry Holding, especially for his first solo. Also a very well done to all the boys for an outstanding week and to Finley Lawrenson for a very good first time. Overall a brilliant last day along with a great week.

Patrick Hurley and Max Cross
Head Choristers


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