We arrived at Liverpool raring to go and boarded the Isle of Man fast craft, the Manannan. After two hours of sailing, excitement, movie watching and revision from the older boys, we finally arrived on the island where we were yet again greeted by the gracious members of Saint Thomas’ Church.
After checking in at the Hydro Hotel we quickly set off for a ride on the one hundred year old tram service, where we travelled to Groudel Glen. Upon arrival at the glen we walked through a small woodland area only to be greeted by a disused railway line which led to a fabulous viewing point over Douglas harbour. After this exciting outing we sat down for our first delicious meal provided by the Hydro. For starters, a selection mixed fruit juice or tartiflette (basically a fancy bacon quiche, although very nice) or a pea soup. Then for main, a selection of salads or fish and chips or beef lasagne complete with garlic bread. Finally, for dessert: sherry trifle, trio of Manx ice cream or, as in the case of one James Cross, cheese and biscuits. After being filled with our delicious meal we set out for Saint Thomas’ just to familiarise ourselves with our base camp. By this time we were all very excited but hugely tired (especially after racing down the promenade on our way back from the church), so after a quick juice and biscuit we are now all of to bed and can’t wait to start in the morning. We hope you will come back to read tomorrow!

Maximilian Cross and Patrick Hurley
Head Choristers


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