We started our third day on the island with our delicious breakfast of more bacon, sausage, beans, black pudding and all sorts of delicious items a growing chorister needs. However, we had no time to sit back and let our food digest as after bank we were whisked straight off to Saint Thomas’ to sing our first practice and service of the day. After the 11 o’clock Eucharist (in which we experienced readings from Patrick Hurley and James Cross, who read with such clarity, and a superb solo from Jacob Smith) and our usual shop at the legendary Pickwicks, we arrived back at the hotel. Upon arrival we were greeted with a wonderful three course lunch. For starters, melon or vegetable spring rolls or mushroom soup. This was followed by chicken or roast beef Sunday lunch. And finally to top it all off a pudding of apple pie and custard or trio of Manx ice cream. After our bellies were full yet again we set out for ‘The Lady Isabella’, Laxey Wheel. After a ‘brief’ history of the wheel and mines had been given by Mrs Stockdale we set out for Ramsey, preparing to be attacked with catastrophic amounts of food. The Ramsey tea, famous for defeating even the ‘hollow legged boys’, did not disappoint. After mounds of sandwiches, bowls of crisps, trays of sausages (mostly devoured by the organ scholar) and endless amounts of cakes we heaved ourselves into the practice. After an quick rehearsal we began our Saint Paul’s Ramsey service. Throughout the course of the service we heard readings from Finlay Walsh and James Jones and prayers from Josh Dryland, Ben Hodson, Jack Ainsworth and Henry Holding. As well as this, we enjoyed a solo by James Jones and laughed at the Head Chorister being forced to play the role of Jesus in the sermon! We’re now back at the hotel all stuffed to busting and about to go to bed, ready for what tomorrow holds!

Please come back to read more tomorrow!

Max Cross and Patrick Hurley
Head Choristers


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