After a great crossing to the island we began our second day with the famous breakfast which included bacon, egg, sausage, black pudding, cereal and toast with many boys having multiple servings. Once the most important meal of the day was over the boys had their usual room check and bank before venturing off to our first practice in St. Thomas’ church. In the boys’ break they had their daily trip to Pickwick’s, a local shop which generations of boys have enjoyed. Then we returned to the hotel for our lunch which today was yet more sausage, with mash and peas and onion gravy, and Manx ice cream for dessert. The group then returned to St. Thomas’ church for our second practice where a reporter from Manx Radio recorded the boys singing Ave Maria by Simon Lindley and Be Still For the Presence of the Lord arranged by JC. She then spoke to some boys including the Head Choristers about our time in the choir and why we enjoyed it. This recording can be heard at 7:30 AM on Manx Radio or can be listened to on demand on the Manx Radio website. Straight after, most of the boys went to the National Sports Centre for swimming which was thoroughly enjoyed. However Mr Catterall, Mrs Stockdale and Marshall went sight seeing around the island, enjoying a beautifully clear day. Once the boys had dried off and changed it was time for yet another meal where the boys ate through three courses with chicken wings, meatballs or soup for starters then chicken curry, spaghetti bolognese, or vegetable stir fry for main and vanilla cheesecake or ice cream for dessert. Finally, after a day of singing and eating, with a bit of swimming to keep the balance right, the boys sang their first service of the week which was at St. Thomas’ church and was a great success. In the service Marshall Butler and Jacob Egan read the readings, Max Cross, Jacob Smith, Harry Jones, James Bettess and Thomas Wren read the prayers and James Jones sang a beautiful solo of O God You Search Me at the end of the service. Overall a fun and tiring day! We hope you will read more tomorrow!

Max Cross and Patrick Hurley
Head Choristers


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