IOM Day 4

After two very successful Sunday services the boys awoke for yet another day of singing. However, in the morning, news of the Ben-My-Chree’s breakdown had reached us (engine failure), but the engineers have been working hard to fix it. The day began with a usual breakfast feast which the boys still managed to eat, despite being sent home with cake from Ramsey. Once breakfast had finished the staff were awarded their standards from the Head Choristers. Then it was time for room check, bank and then straight off to the practice at St. Thomas’ with a break for our stop at Pickwicks. The outstanding practice was followed by free time and then yet more food at lunch which was chilli con carne or salad and Manx ice cream. Now it was time to burn the calories from all this food on the beach. The boys and staff went to Port Erin beach in the south of the Island where some boys dug holes and sea defences and some played football. The group then departed to Kirk Malew for the second practice of the day which went very well. On the way to this first time church each vehicle said good afternoon to the fairies whilst going over Fairy Bridge, but when the Organ Scholar forgot, the organ started to generate sounds that it wasn’t meant to! Thankfully this was fixed before the service. The boys returned for tea which was kebab, soup or mackerel for starters then steak pie, salmon and vegetable lasagne and finally eton mess, ice cream and cheese and biscuits for dessert. After getting changed we were rushed off to the service where Ben Hodson sang a very good solo and Daniel Harper and James Bettess read the readings beautifully and the prayers were read by Patrick Hurley, Adam Thornley, Harry Jones, Jacob Smith and Jacob Egan. The service was a great success and it was so good that the boys were awarded more food after the service. Overall it was a very good day!

Max Cross & Patrick Hurley
Head Choristers

IOM Day 5

We began our fifth day with the usual sausage, eggs, bacon, beans and a whole array of other delicious breakfast materials. After allowing our food to digest slightly we were yet again whisked off for our usual morning practice, this time at All Saints, Douglas. It was a slightly sombre practice knowing that the church in which we were singing would be knocked down within the next month or so. However, we powered on and left the rehearsal feeling prepared for the service that was to come in the evening. We next travelled down to Pickwicks in order to stock up on various goodies, mostly sweets. We were, however, under strict instructions from Matron not to eat any of them before our lunch which was chicken and chips. Our afternoon activity after our lunch was split. The Head Choristers and Team Leaders attended a wonderful afternoon at the venture centre. Whereas the other boys travelled to Mooragh Park for an afternoon on the pedalos followed by football. Despite the juniors being on water it seemed that the seniors were actually the ones who returned to the Hydro more wet, especially Master McAteer! After a quick shower we began tea. The starter consisted of spring rolls, pâté and fruit juice. For main, cod or chicken or curry all served with a great amount of vegetables which were devoured in what can only be as described as record time, in anticipation for the service to come. Pudding was lemon tart or trio of Manx Ice Cream. After this tea we went to sing our fifth service of the course, which lived up to our practice. Ben Hodson and Max Cross read the two lessons exquisitely. The service was topped off with an excellent solo of Morning Glory sang by James Bettess. We finished the service by being greeted with tables of cakes from our gracious hosts – we are truly going to miss All Saints. On arrival home we were all extremely tired from a exciting day and we were all eager to go to bed. Thank you for reading – we hope you come back to read tomorrow!

Max Cross and Patrick Hurley
Head Choristers


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