IOM Tour 2017

Over the years, the aims of the Holiday Course and Tour, namely to help the boys improve their skills as Choristers and to give them a well deserved holiday, have remained unchanged, and with a concentrated timetable which sees the boys practising some three hours each day in preparation for the Evening Service, and which still leaves
plenty of time for off-duty fun.

Saturday 8th  April: St Thomas Douglas – 8.00pm Evensong
Sunday 9th April: St Thomas Douglas – 11.00am Eucharist
Sunday 9th April: St Paul Ramsey – 6.30pm Evensong
Monday 10th April: Kirk Malew – 8:00pm Evensong
Tuesday 11th April: All Saints Dougla – 8.00pm Eucharist
Wednesday 12th April: St Matthew Douglas – 8.00pm Evensong